An Idle mind

Dodging across hurdles, zipping past roadblocks taking deep breaths and racing to the finish line. No, I am not describing a scene from “Need for Speed” here. This is just another day in the life of most people.Life has become so hectic in today’s world , your mind just refuses to switch off. We are constantly multi-tasking and want more and more out of life. It feels too noisy in there, too crowded!

My mind is so restless nowadays, I can barely hear my inner voice. I know it is trying to convey something to me. It is asking me to slow down and talk. So one day I decided to switch off my noisy engine and turn on my inner voice. For a moment I could feel nothing. This feeling was quite alien to me. Silence engulfed my mind and body.It subduded my inner voice with a deafening silence. Silence is powerful.Once it overpowers you , you are under its spell!! You start thinking clearly when you are silent.An idle mind is a great way to rejuvenate. To feel alive! Thus, I have decided that once in a few days I shall spend time with myself. Be alone with silence!