Passion for work

Discover your passion!

                       A life without passion is like a soul trapped in a box without a key! – Me

The day when a person realizes their true calling in life, is the day when they actually wake up from their deep slumber. Till then, they are just sleepwalking!!!

Many people spend their entire lives in finding their passion in life. Luckily, some find it too early! And when they do find it,the only thing they do is : Dream,eat,talk about the thing that does not let them sleep!

I know when I see a person in love with their work! They are so happy with themselves. They love their job, its not a job for them anymore. These people don’t just talk about some fancy ,crazy ideas. They are living them in flesh and blood.Sleep is an inevitable evil for them. If some drug is invented to keep them awake, trust me they would administer it on themselves. Why isn’t everybody like them? What makes them so different?

For starters, They love their work. Its not just a way to earn their daily bread and butter. Its much more to them.

it’s their dream to fulfill their crazy ideas. To see them up and working! Their world would come crashing down if they never reached the completion stage. Their existence would be in question. Their reason to be happy would be snatched. And this thought alone makes them suffer! Suffer the innumerable tough choices they have to make.The sacrifices, the disappointments, the rejections, the brickbats, the insinuations! But, they are not alone in this journey. Their support system , i.e their families also go through this rigmarole. They are a part of their dream. I believe that No one in this world is “Self made”. I feel It’s just a term loosely used. Passion is the key that drives us , but a car does not run on one wheel alone. “Balance is essential. Support is crucial”. We need a support system to fuel the fire. To keep it burning till the end!

The people who have this treasure are truly blessed souls!! The rest of us, keep searching for that one thing that defines you, completes you!!  Discover your passion, Sleep on it!!