Three to Tango!!!


I am the one who has troubled you,

Kept you wide awake in your sleep

Slithered viciously in your thoughts

Made you cringe and weep

You try to keep me dormant

I break the shackles of time

You trick me into a labyrinth

I wriggle out leaving you mime

You try to bury me deep inside

I dig my way from down under

YOu wipe your hands full of dirt

I surface to your soul, tearing it asunder

I cannot leave you alone

In you till you breath your last

Etched deep in your conscious

I am yours truly “PAST”!!



I am the one who will cajole you

Lull you to a deep slumber

Show you a hazy tomorrow

Make you gasp with astounding wonder

You will look for me in a pack of cards

I will shuffle out your destiny

You will stare into the crystal ball

Hoping To soothe your anxiety

You will seek for me in the alignment of planets

I may play a game of hide and seek

You may follow the ridges of your palm

To see I am bright or bleak

U will dread me ,hope for me

I am the wily,promising creature

To be written in golden ink

I will be yours only “FUTURE”



 I am the one you cannot escape

I keep you sane and sound

Swaying between your past and future

I keep your feet on the ground

I don’t judge you for the lost treasure

I gear up for the unknown quest

Shut your demons in the closet

Prepare you for the best

Nurture me and protect me

Keep me away from discontent

I am the gift of today

I am yours truly, the humble “PRESENT”