Don’t tell me your dreams!!!

One fine day,

On yet another lazy Sunday,

Innocence blurted out with glee,

Growing up what I wanted to be!

They chuckled not having understood the reason,

Taking a different path is similar to treason!

An idea lying quietly on a platter

Drowned out in a noisy chatter!

Sassy words spoken to scare,

The mental army rose up to the dare,

Dreamy eyes stuck on one thing,

A serious endeavour not a flimsy fling!

A different track ,a little offbeat,

Following your dream , certainly no mean feat!

Larger than life or terribly small,

It is your dream ,your life’s call.

Hold it close and shut it tight,

Silently gear up for the fight.

It is your baby ,to nurture and protect,

Keep it safe from derision or disrespect.

The road is windy and circuitous,

The ultimate journey extremely laborious,

Slowly and stealthily climb to the top,

Bouquets or brickbats should never let you stop!

Get up there battling all extremes,

Hush till then,…………

” Don’t tell me your dreams”


A simple dish named Life!!

“Life gives you two options :Live or Die. Some of us, die living.”


Stop. Look. Hear. Breathe! Simple , isn’t it? How hard is it? We surely don’t need a manual to go through it. No standard operating procedures either. Directions to make it perfect maybe?

The dish named “Life”
A complicated yet simple dish never served on a platter!
Tasty if made with the right mix of ingredients!

Preparation time: Always impromptu!
Cooking time: Set the timer till your last breath.


A teaspoon of patience,

A dash of determination,

Loads of passion,

Huge chunks of attitude,

A tablespoon of sugar,

A pinch of compromise,

And to pep it up ,salt to taste!

Instructions :
There is no standard procedure.Just throw in the ingredients at the right moment in the right quantity. You will know when,how and why?

Some suggestions to make the dish interesting:
1. Believe in yourself. You are the Master chef! You call the shots. If you mess up,it’s your dish , fix it! if it turns out well,relish it!
2. Take the time to live your life.  Do the things you love. Enjoy it ,bite by bite. Feel it, savor the moment!
3. Never take anything or anyone for granted.If neglected while preparing, the dish can turn sour!
4. No dream is too big. If you feel confident ,go for it!
5. Don’t just talk, act now. Empty vessels make a lot of noise.
6. It’s never too late for anything. You can always start over.
7. Sometimes you will fall short of a few ingredients. Switch off for some time and spring back again. A few short breaks will only add to the taste.


Garnish it with dollops of love and care. Serve alongside a million dollar smile!Enjoy!!!

Who am I?


Bemused with the annoying thought,
To be number one or a naught!
To sprint ahead in the rat race,
Or should I walk at my own pace?

Blindly follow the successful path known,
Or stumble forward all on my own?
My purpose to stay alive,
Should I fully live or barely survive?

Should I be a meek spectator,
Shouldn’t my opinions truly matter?
One more successful face in the crowd,
Or should my voice be heard aloud?

Go hunting for the unknown treasures,
Or should I stay back for life’s true pleasures?
Get stuck in a rut under a pile of money,
Or do what I love for my jar of honey?

Try to fit into someone else’s large feet,
Or should I set my own record to beat?
Eat to my heart’s content or to satiate my greed?
Should I demand only what I need?

Play a part in God’s written story,
Or should I find my own way to glory?
To Become what I have been told,
Or let my destiny slowly unfold?

All these questions of how and why?
Will I ever get the answer to Who am I???

The Common Man

Trapped in a cocoon

A bane or a boon?

Worked out like a drone

Stifled voices muttering alone


Huddled aside like creepy vermin

Eaten alive from deep within

Blown up or run down at  mere sight

Staggering to stand up with all might


Never ever do they wipe our tears

Barging they come once every five years

Promises galore for a future so bright

Victory ensures they are out of sight


See me as a threat

One day they shall regret

A blazing arrow from a dormant quiver

Enough for them to shake and shiver!!!

Eyes wide shut!!!!

” Living is easy with your eyes closed” -John Lennon

Seems like in today’s world this is the bitter truth!!! WE have a lot to deal with, the dwindling rupee, unemployment,  skyrocketing prices and above all, Pappu’s words of wisdom(or as I call them slip of mind!) .Its easier if we just shut our eyes  and be oblivious to everything around us! On a different note, what prompted me to pen down my thoughts were the two movies I saw last month. They have left a deep impact on me. “The Boy in striped pyjamas” ,  a not so innocent story of an 8 year old kid who is blissfully unaware of the fact that he has befriended a kid in one of the  Nazi concentration camps. What follows, in short, is a horrific end to innocence!!   The other one, “Madras cafe ” , a movie based on a real life political saga.

Yes, all these are historical events , nothing new nor a figment of somebody’s imagination. But they did make me sit up and think….a lot!!!

At the end of the first movie , I was in a state of denial. Firstly, I could not believe I actually watched the movie with a straight face. Normally when I watch such emotionally charged movies, I sob like a baby. I did not flinch , did not move a single muscle throughout the movie. What I felt at that point , I have never ever experienced before. I could not even imagine what it must have been for the people who were exterminated like vermins!!  I felt disgusted by the fact that I am alive in an era where we humans are worse than animals. I wanted to let out a blood-curdling cry to release the pain and agony shooting  through every living cell of my body( I would have let it out if not for the people around me!!). Then, like any other emotion that dies down , this one did too.
 AS soon as the  traumatic effects of this movie wore out , I was hit with another one!!! This time around it was a chapter out of our own history.  I can still vividly remember my elders discussing the controversial and shocking assassination of our ex-PM almost 2 decades ago. Back then, I was too young and naive to understand the meaning of a human bomb that left an entire nation in mourning. When I was watching this episode in the movie after all these years, I started asking all kinds of questions. I was morose at the sight of mangled bodies in the movie, empathized with the families who had lost their loved ones during the Srilankan civil war. But the question that  bothered me the most was, ” What was going on in the mind of the girl with a bomb up her sleeve ?” Was she doing a duty towards her organisation? Was she brainwashed to the extent that she did not know what was wrong or right? What kind of emotions can overpower a human being to stoop to this level? Sadly, I will never know. Nor would she have been able to explain this if she were alive (which she never would be!)
At such a time when I am grappling with such serious questions without definitive answers, I do feel ignorance is bliss!! It is indeed better to ignore and feel all is well!! If not, then its just like Pandora’s box.It was  sheer bliss when she was unaware of the contents ,.But then, “curiosity killed the cat!!” She let the cat out of the bag and all hell broke loose!!  Well, I feel I am in her shoes now. I have unlocked the dreaded box and let out the unsettling thoughts!! The more I read, the more I understand , the more I will question!! So for my own well being and inner peace, I hope I find my answers or I shall keep my eyes wide shut !!!! PERIOD.

Run Milkha Run!!

Warning : This is a  movie review by a self proclaimed procrastinator of the highest order!!! I have never ever moved a muscle in my finger to write a review, good or bad for any movie in my life!! At times the keys on my laptop did call out to me, but I ignored them as I had other important things to do in life : eat,sleep and…… well more sleep! One fine day(rather a lazy sunday), I was finally woken up from my deep slumber as I came across a very callous remark made by a movie critic in a national daily. I am not someone who normally gets offended by such nincompoops, nor am I the maker of the movie which was torn apart by this critic. It is just that this movie touched my heart and I felt I should defend it. So here goes my humble attempt to defend the movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag!

I will not even bother addressing the critics and will come straight to the point.We are a democracy and everyone in this country has a right to voice their opinion, so do movie critics . Earlier a box office hit was dependent on a 3 or 4 star rating from the critics. I remember foraging for an old newspaper and the critics rating decided what movie I would watch over the weekend. Sadly, those days have come to an end!I no longer depend on the shallow and inane reviews by critics who do not want to appreciate an honest attempt at filmmaking by good directors. In the last few years, Bollywood has truly come of age and has dared to venture into unfamiliar territories. The audience has also matured and is ready to welcome and applaud this change.Thus, sadly the days of movie critics are numbered , as the audience have started to take their comments with a pinch of salt!!!!

Now coming to the movie, Kudos to the whole team of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag(BMB) !!! Never before has Indian cinema seen such a magnanimous tribute to a living legend.I have never ever seen an Indian actor who has not only acted well, but  has breathed a new life into this role. Right from the word go, Farhan Akhtar has given a stellar performance . There are some defining moments in the movie which confirm his place in this industry as a seasoned actor. One cannot help but smile at his impish grin when he is allowed to practice during the day by Prakash Raj,his innocent reply that he is Milkha Singh and not  “relaxing” and  finally watching him gulp down litres of ghee is freakishly hilarious!! Imagine the pain and agony an actor in his late 30’s has to go through to look like a real athlete.There are times in the movie you want to reach out and pat him on his back for such a commendable effort . Rock On, Farhan!!!!

An actor is only as good as his director!! Hats off to Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra for bringing an inspiring real life persona to reel life!! A round of applause for the supporting cast, Divya Dutta as the doting elder sister, Pawan Malhotra as an encouraging mentor and confidant, Prakash Raj as a disciplinarian with a heart and last but definitely not the least the young Milkha Singh played by Jabtej Singh who has an amazing screen presence at such a young age.

Finally, BMB is a movie which not only is an inspirational story but is also a breath of fresh air in an industry replete with  hackneyed plots. Farhan Akhtar is a real hero who truly deserves a place in the pantheon of modern Indian cinema!!

Why God is it Monday???


  Knock knock , who’s there? Its me, Its me..Me who? Monday!! Argggh, yikes,noooo, why me ?? Do you see yourself in my shoes on   Monday? Do you echo my sentiments about this day? If you do, please continue to read! If not, still please do! Maybe you will start to feel the same!!!


Life is a fun roller coaster ride,  till the M-day puts a screeeching halt to it!! Run for it Garfield its here..the day you dread the most!

Hide little kitty,hide, its coming to get u!! Yelp for help!!!

I sincerely apologise for the gobbedlygook !! I am not myself on mondays( not that I am truly myself on the rest of the days)

My thoughts on the “you -know-what-day” are as discordant as a cat playing a piano!!   DO NOT get me wrong, I am as diligent and industrious as a sloth! I love to be up and running at any given time of the day (given that I am kicked out of bed).

Fridays are such a delight.I can hear the chirping of the birds.I wake up with a song on my lips and a spring in my step!I I breeze past the day with utmost ease and am a delight to everyone I meet!! Wow, this last line almost rhymed. This is the positive effect fridays normally have on me. Well, Mondays are an anomaly though.The day when all my five senses take a back seat.  Why would I want to open my eyes and take charge of the day? Why should my ears listen to the chirping of birds? Why should I poke my nose in somebody else’s business(not that I do that on any other day)

Aint we all in the pursuit of happyness?? On the path to achieve inner peace??? On the quest to find the answers to life’s unsolved mysteries???  Well, then why can’t we answer such a simple question?? Why do we let Monday ruin our lives??Got y’all tongue-tied,eh? Sorry, I too don’t have the answer. Sounds simple doesn’t it?  The truth be told, we don’t hate Mondays because of its name or  fame!! WE just loathe the first working day of the week after a hangover from 48 hours of fun and frolic!!  So lets not waste another day thinking of Monday as a party spoiler. Just be glad and pray for Friday to arrive and jump with joy, ” Thank God it’s Friday!”


The Comeback

 Run like you never did stop

 Like you never hit a roadblock 

 Stand up like you never ever fell down 

 Stick your feet firmly onto the ground 

 Make a run for it, make a dash

 Be the phoenix rising from its own ash!!!!

Just for you, Mom!


The moment I opened my eyes  teeny  and wide

She must have felt a feeling of warmth inside

Must have held my tiny finger and cried

‘N’  Exclaimed “Oh..  how precious is  my lil child”

The first lillte step and words uttered from my mouth

The best moment of her life…………. really no doubt!!!!

Holding my hand she left me to the school door

Crying and wailing I ran back to her

Everything will be fine she whispered in my ear

When you look back I still will be standing here

Then came the wonder years

My teenage days

Must have troubled her in don’t know how many ways

Mom I ‘ll fine you don’t have to worry,

Pat came the reply

You better be on time , or you shall be sorry!!!!!!!

Egged me on always to try out new things

Time to Explore the world she said,                                      

Go ahead ‘n’  spread your wings

When somethin went wrong , She would always pull me near

Would  cuddle me in her  arms and  stop every tear

Go ahead she said,”Darling, don’t you ever  fear”

If you fall back I will be there to hold you my dear

Just a few more things to you my Guiding Angel,

I wanna say…

Challenges you  faced must have been insurmountable

 Yet  you  overcame them

Your efforts were indefatigable

Its amazing how much love that  heart of  YOURS can hold

Stories of Innumerable sacrifices to see us smile it may  unfold

You are  an epitome of unconditional love,  Mom ur the best!!!

Everyone of us must have read this somewhere

‘GOD’ made Mothers in this world…..                                             

                    Because he could not be Everywhere!!!!