Hello World, Welcome to my blog!

My parents wrongly named me “Trupti” which means “satisfaction”, because I am hardly satisfied with anything!! Nowadays, I am on  my way to be.

A  lil bit about the “unsatisfied me” : An engineer pursuing research during the day who turns into a creative soul by night!

These are a few of my favourite things:

Walking barefoot on the seashore,

Spending hours in a quaint bookstore,

Lose myself in the beauty of nature,

To travel the world in the near future,

Watching Nadal’s powerful serve,

Getting on my hubby’s last nerve!!!

All this and much much more…Most of all, I love reading poetry. I feel it is a beautiful way to express oneself!

My favourite poets of all times are Robert Frost and Maya Angelou. I feel their styles are starkly contrasting in nature , while the former’s forte is simplicity the latter is  a proponent of bold ideas.

My tryst with poetry started  long time back. Earlier, I used to write only for myself, but later I felt the need to share my thoughts and ideas. Thus the need to start a blog.

Hope you enjoy my thoughts on various topics and my humble attempt at composing poems!


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