Don’t tell me your dreams!!!

One fine day,

On yet another lazy Sunday,

Innocence blurted out with glee,

Growing up what I wanted to be!

They chuckled not having understood the reason,

Taking a different path is similar to treason!

An idea lying quietly on a platter

Drowned out in a noisy chatter!

Sassy words spoken to scare,

The mental army rose up to the dare,

Dreamy eyes stuck on one thing,

A serious endeavour not a flimsy fling!

A different track ,a little offbeat,

Following your dream , certainly no mean feat!

Larger than life or terribly small,

It is your dream ,your life’s call.

Hold it close and shut it tight,

Silently gear up for the fight.

It is your baby ,to nurture and protect,

Keep it safe from derision or disrespect.

The road is windy and circuitous,

The ultimate journey extremely laborious,

Slowly and stealthily climb to the top,

Bouquets or brickbats should never let you stop!

Get up there battling all extremes,

Hush till then,…………

” Don’t tell me your dreams”


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