Who am I?


Bemused with the annoying thought,
To be number one or a naught!
To sprint ahead in the rat race,
Or should I walk at my own pace?

Blindly follow the successful path known,
Or stumble forward all on my own?
My purpose to stay alive,
Should I fully live or barely survive?

Should I be a meek spectator,
Shouldn’t my opinions truly matter?
One more successful face in the crowd,
Or should my voice be heard aloud?

Go hunting for the unknown treasures,
Or should I stay back for life’s true pleasures?
Get stuck in a rut under a pile of money,
Or do what I love for my jar of honey?

Try to fit into someone else’s large feet,
Or should I set my own record to beat?
Eat to my heart’s content or to satiate my greed?
Should I demand only what I need?

Play a part in God’s written story,
Or should I find my own way to glory?
To Become what I have been told,
Or let my destiny slowly unfold?

All these questions of how and why?
Will I ever get the answer to Who am I???



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