Eyes wide shut!!!!

” Living is easy with your eyes closed” -John Lennon

Seems like in today’s world this is the bitter truth!!! WE have a lot to deal with, the dwindling rupee, unemployment,  skyrocketing prices and above all, Pappu’s words of wisdom(or as I call them slip of mind!) .Its easier if we just shut our eyes  and be oblivious to everything around us! On a different note, what prompted me to pen down my thoughts were the two movies I saw last month. They have left a deep impact on me. “The Boy in striped pyjamas” ,  a not so innocent story of an 8 year old kid who is blissfully unaware of the fact that he has befriended a kid in one of the  Nazi concentration camps. What follows, in short, is a horrific end to innocence!!   The other one, “Madras cafe ” , a movie based on a real life political saga.

Yes, all these are historical events , nothing new nor a figment of somebody’s imagination. But they did make me sit up and think….a lot!!!

At the end of the first movie , I was in a state of denial. Firstly, I could not believe I actually watched the movie with a straight face. Normally when I watch such emotionally charged movies, I sob like a baby. I did not flinch , did not move a single muscle throughout the movie. What I felt at that point , I have never ever experienced before. I could not even imagine what it must have been for the people who were exterminated like vermins!!  I felt disgusted by the fact that I am alive in an era where we humans are worse than animals. I wanted to let out a blood-curdling cry to release the pain and agony shooting  through every living cell of my body( I would have let it out if not for the people around me!!). Then, like any other emotion that dies down , this one did too.
 AS soon as the  traumatic effects of this movie wore out , I was hit with another one!!! This time around it was a chapter out of our own history.  I can still vividly remember my elders discussing the controversial and shocking assassination of our ex-PM almost 2 decades ago. Back then, I was too young and naive to understand the meaning of a human bomb that left an entire nation in mourning. When I was watching this episode in the movie after all these years, I started asking all kinds of questions. I was morose at the sight of mangled bodies in the movie, empathized with the families who had lost their loved ones during the Srilankan civil war. But the question that  bothered me the most was, ” What was going on in the mind of the girl with a bomb up her sleeve ?” Was she doing a duty towards her organisation? Was she brainwashed to the extent that she did not know what was wrong or right? What kind of emotions can overpower a human being to stoop to this level? Sadly, I will never know. Nor would she have been able to explain this if she were alive (which she never would be!)
At such a time when I am grappling with such serious questions without definitive answers, I do feel ignorance is bliss!! It is indeed better to ignore and feel all is well!! If not, then its just like Pandora’s box.It was  sheer bliss when she was unaware of the contents ,.But then, “curiosity killed the cat!!” She let the cat out of the bag and all hell broke loose!!  Well, I feel I am in her shoes now. I have unlocked the dreaded box and let out the unsettling thoughts!! The more I read, the more I understand , the more I will question!! So for my own well being and inner peace, I hope I find my answers or I shall keep my eyes wide shut !!!! PERIOD.

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  1. Oh nice context to the feeling ..Yaaaaa !! Its better to keep the effervecence shut in the bottle. There are some thoughts which are only made for the recycle bin and its better to show them their place rather than making the whole mind a recycle bin

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