Why God is it Monday???


  Knock knock , who’s there? Its me, Its me..Me who? Monday!! Argggh, yikes,noooo, why me ?? Do you see yourself in my shoes on   Monday? Do you echo my sentiments about this day? If you do, please continue to read! If not, still please do! Maybe you will start to feel the same!!!


Life is a fun roller coaster ride,  till the M-day puts a screeeching halt to it!! Run for it Garfield its here..the day you dread the most!

Hide little kitty,hide, its coming to get u!! Yelp for help!!!

I sincerely apologise for the gobbedlygook !! I am not myself on mondays( not that I am truly myself on the rest of the days)

My thoughts on the “you -know-what-day” are as discordant as a cat playing a piano!!   DO NOT get me wrong, I am as diligent and industrious as a sloth! I love to be up and running at any given time of the day (given that I am kicked out of bed).

Fridays are such a delight.I can hear the chirping of the birds.I wake up with a song on my lips and a spring in my step!I I breeze past the day with utmost ease and am a delight to everyone I meet!! Wow, this last line almost rhymed. This is the positive effect fridays normally have on me. Well, Mondays are an anomaly though.The day when all my five senses take a back seat.  Why would I want to open my eyes and take charge of the day? Why should my ears listen to the chirping of birds? Why should I poke my nose in somebody else’s business(not that I do that on any other day)

Aint we all in the pursuit of happyness?? On the path to achieve inner peace??? On the quest to find the answers to life’s unsolved mysteries???  Well, then why can’t we answer such a simple question?? Why do we let Monday ruin our lives??Got y’all tongue-tied,eh? Sorry, I too don’t have the answer. Sounds simple doesn’t it?  The truth be told, we don’t hate Mondays because of its name or  fame!! WE just loathe the first working day of the week after a hangover from 48 hours of fun and frolic!!  So lets not waste another day thinking of Monday as a party spoiler. Just be glad and pray for Friday to arrive and jump with joy, ” Thank God it’s Friday!”




  1. AwesumMyutie pie kitty…. Loved it! Sing soft Kitty warm kitty lil ball of fur… Next Monday and see if you feel better! 😉 😉 🙂
    Keep it Up

  2. Well, madame, the easiest way to get over this predicament and avoid lamenting about Monday’s, is to work everyday. ^_^

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