Just for you, Mom!


The moment I opened my eyes  teeny  and wide

She must have felt a feeling of warmth inside

Must have held my tiny finger and cried

‘N’  Exclaimed “Oh..  how precious is  my lil child”

The first lillte step and words uttered from my mouth

The best moment of her life…………. really no doubt!!!!

Holding my hand she left me to the school door

Crying and wailing I ran back to her

Everything will be fine she whispered in my ear

When you look back I still will be standing here

Then came the wonder years

My teenage days

Must have troubled her in don’t know how many ways

Mom I ‘ll fine you don’t have to worry,

Pat came the reply

You better be on time , or you shall be sorry!!!!!!!

Egged me on always to try out new things

Time to Explore the world she said,                                      

Go ahead ‘n’  spread your wings

When somethin went wrong , She would always pull me near

Would  cuddle me in her  arms and  stop every tear

Go ahead she said,”Darling, don’t you ever  fear”

If you fall back I will be there to hold you my dear

Just a few more things to you my Guiding Angel,

I wanna say…

Challenges you  faced must have been insurmountable

 Yet  you  overcame them

Your efforts were indefatigable

Its amazing how much love that  heart of  YOURS can hold

Stories of Innumerable sacrifices to see us smile it may  unfold

You are  an epitome of unconditional love,  Mom ur the best!!!

Everyone of us must have read this somewhere

‘GOD’ made Mothers in this world…..                                             

                    Because he could not be Everywhere!!!!


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